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Human Side of Management

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Please see the article attached below and answer the next two questions.

1) Teal argues that 'mediocre management' is the norm, and a scarcity of 'managerial greatness' exists - why is this so?

2) Do you agree with Teal that "management is terrifically difficult"? How would you assess your own managerial capabilities and/or potential?

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The solution discusses the human side of managment.

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Answer 1

According to Teal, mediocre management is the norm and scarcity of managerial greatness exists. Capable management is extraordinary difficult and people who try hard are just perceived good by other people (Teal, 1996). Due to increasing competition and the changing landscape of business, management has become the most common job in organizations. The demands of people have increased from management to do something extra without experiencing or assessing the situation effectively. Today, people assume lots of responsibilities to be carried out by the ...

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