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Managing a human services organization

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I know managing a business is different than a human services agency. The only thing I know though is a human services agency deals more with feelings and a business deals with people on another level.

What do you perceive as the main differences between managing a human services organization and managing a business?

Are the same skills, attitudes, and body of knowledge appropriate for each? If so, why are they appropriate? If not, why not?

Think about the human service organizations with which you are familiar, possibly including the ones at which you have done your field placement.

Do you feel the organization managed itself well? How might it improve its effectiveness? What managerial functions are performed most effectively?

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The solution is a 614-word essay that discusses the similarities and differences between managing a human services organization and managing a business. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing. References are listed for the purpose of expansion.

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Human Services Organization Management

A human services organization is just like any other formal organization engaged in achieving its goals. Key management functions then are necessary and is utilised and applied to ensure that organization, hierarchy, communication, efficiency and productivity is achieved side by side with ethical and human resources concerns. Of course, human services organizations focus on delivering key social services from welfare to healthcare and dependent on the nature of the organization - if it is government-funded and run (i.e. the social welfare agency), if it is for-profit (i.e. private hospitals) or if its an NGO and not-for-profit privately funded charity, there will always be key indications on which of the functions of management are it's foremost fundamentals within its framework design. Organizational design is key to explaining as well as determining the efficiency by which ...

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