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Educator Challenges and Obstacles

What type of obstacles or challenges could one encounter when entering the role of educator? Why?

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There are various obstacles and challenges one encounters when becoming an educator. These obstacles can arise from target populations, coworkers, other professionals in the field, and possibly ones self. Either way, obstacles that arise must be dealt with efficiently to manage one's credibility in the field they are educating in. First, understanding why the four above categories of obstacles occur, will aid in future initiatives to dissolve those obstacles.

Primarily, many educator based obstacles arise from target populations. Those who need assistance and education are the ones which tend to be the hardest to address when an educators credibility is compromised. For example, if you are a public health educator in the community and have had a bad experience with a client whose trying to quit smoking, they may gossip about how horrible it was and that the ...

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Illustrates various obstacles and challenges educators face.