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    Air Pollution Reduction Ideas

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    Air pollution is an environmental health problem in many cities in the world. Residents in an urban community through which a major freeway transportation route runs are suffering from a number of health effects. The local organization arranges for you, a health educator, to consult with a nurse from a local community-clinic to assist her in planning and implementing a program that will address reducing exposure of the community, particularly children, to air pollution and reducing the impact of air pollution on the community.

    Describe how you would, as a Health Educator and consultant in this multi-disciplinary team, assist the nurse to plan and implement a program that will reduce the exposure of this community to air pollution as well as reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of children. In your answer, make sure to include preventive steps that can be taken by the community (home and school, for example) to reduce the exposure of children to air pollutants.

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    In assisting the nurse to plan and implement a program that will reduce the exposure this community to air pollution, I would provide her with a number of recommendations. I would first recommend that the nurse consult with city health officials and the department of motor vehicle officials, to make sure that highway patrolmen and other personnel continuously stop motor vehicles which visibly emit high levels of toxic emissions due to faulty exhaust systems. Ensure that these motorists are properly fined and ...