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vomiting reflex

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Using a flowchart, explain the different steps of the vomiting reflex. Also, explain how the vomitus characteristics are indicative of different gastrointestinal disorders.

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I will try to give you a clear and concise explanation of pathophysiology of vomiting. However you will have to extract a flowchart out of it yourself because I feel I would end up "doing" your homework for you otherwise and this is ethically not right.

Vomiting center is located in medulla oblongata and has efferent and afferent pathways to coordinate a vomiting reflex. Principal inputs leading to activation of the vomiting center come from one of the four sources; gastrointestinal tract, Chemoreceptor trigger zone, Cortex and Vestibular system. Irritation of gastrointestinal tract as in the case of chemotherapy, irradiation and infection is conveyed by vagus and enteric system. Cerebral cortex plays a role in psychiatric and stress related vomiting. Vestibular system is involved in vomiting related to motion sickness and chemoreceptor trigger zone is activated ...

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This solution reinforces how the vomitus characteristics are indicative of different gastrointestinal disorders.

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