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Public Health Research Topics: Food and Vaccinations

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This solution models a topic in the area of public health.

* Discuss the significance this topic has in the area of public health
* Past, current, future statistics
* How it relates to the community
* Financial impacts on communities
* Goals for the future

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Of course, when selecting a research topic, it must be personally compelling, to keep the motivation for project completion. But current issues in the area of public health that will have importance, that should be considered, include pandemics, epidemics and issues relating to both the elderly and youth. Problems relating to our food and water supply are also critical.

With consideration of the later, modern day food choices and those supplying the food are noteworthy. There are more convenience and processed foods now than ever before in the history of man. While some are reasonable, many are very dangerous. Teens and young bodies that eat a steady diet of food which is not ...

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Vaccinations, problems relating to our food and water supply are discussed.

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