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In depth Community / Public Health Assessment

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Web based review of all asspects of Middletown NY, i.e. Demographics, ages, ethnic groups, income, health, mortality, economics, etc.

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The expert examines public health assessments for in depth community.

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Middletown, NY Community/Public Health Assessment

Middletown, NY, population 25,388 , is located in New York's Orange county, about 38.9 miles from Paterson and 44.9 miles from Yonkers.
Through the 90's Middletown's population has grown by about 5%. It is estimated that in recent years Middletown's population has been growing at an annual rate of less than one percent.
Reports show that during 2003 property crime levels in the Middletown area were lower than New York's average. The same data shows violent crime levels to be lower than the New York average.
Males: 12,264 (48%)
Females: 13,124 (52%)
As % of Population

White: 69%
African American: 15%
Native American: 1%
Asian: 2%
Other/Mixed: 13%
As % of Population

Median Age: 33.4 (Males: 31.8, Females: 34.7)
Males Under 20: 15%
Females Under 20: 15%
Males 20 to 40: 15%
Females 20 to 40: 15%
Males 40 to 60: 12%
Females 40 to 60: 12%
Males Over 60: 6%
Females Over 60: ...

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