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    Homeless Children Aggregate Population.

    I am working on designing a data collection tool that will be used for my homeless aggregate population research. Any ideas or suggestions you have will be helpful. I am working on a survey tool that includes demographic data for the homeless children population. 1. The survey tool includes the questions: What are the contri

    CSR Leadership and Milton Friedman

    Many years ago, the famous economist Milton Friedman wrote an article "The Social Responsibility of a Business is to Increase its Profits." This article quickly grew supporters and detractors. Being a servant leader is not at odds with Milton Friedman's article. How can that be? (http://www.colorado.edu/studentgroups/liber

    Respite Care

    Respite care is a form of short-term medical care for senior Americans that serves a very specific and important purpose. How would you describe the role of respite care? Where is it provided, and how is it funded? Would you personally utilize respite care for a senior family member? Why, or why not?

    Utlizing of Hospice Care

    Hospice provides tremendous support for patients and families at time of true need, near the end of a family member's life. But Hospice continues to be poorly utilized in many parts of America. How would you describe the role of Hospice? What can be done to improve the utilization of Hospice services when the need exists?

    Clinical Case Study

    Case Scenario Ms. G., a 23-year-old diabetic, is admitted to the hospital with a cellulitis of her left lower leg. She has been applying heating pads to the leg for the last 48 hours, but the leg has become more painful and she has developed chilling. Using the case study and the information below, answer the following que

    Cognitive Dissonance & Milgram Experiment

    1. Define cognitive dissonance and rewrite the definition in your own terms and give an original example. List the three components. 2. Explain four methods a person may use to reduce dissonance. 3. Briefly summarize the Milgram experiment (one paragraph). 4. How did the subjects in the Milgram experiment experience dis

    Behaviour and Health Risks of Addiction

    1. Women are the fastest growing population of smokers. Why are more women smoking than ever before? Are there any unique concerns for women smokers? 2. Compare and contrast the health effects of smoking cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco. Also discuss why they are not all the same in terms of health risks. 3. Choose o

    Control Plan for Biohazards in the Workplace

    Choose a setting in which ergonomic and biological hazards are present (e.g. hospital, extended care facility, ambulatory clinic). You are an industrial hygienist in charge of establishing a health and safety plan for this facility. 1) Describe the setting, the number of workers, amount of space, whether the place seems organ

    Quality Improvement and Patient Care

    How can quality improvement be a daily task in patient care? Why does continuous quality improvement need to be associated with change? Thank you.

    Theory Comprehensiveness

    Briefly explain the comprehensiveness of each of the following theories. Include in-text citations and references. 1) Psychodynamic 2) Attachment 3) Psychosocial

    Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    Please help with the following problem. Provide a discussion of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, including patient benefits.

    Psychodynamic Theorist Paper

    Psychodynamic Theorist Paper Assist with writing a word paper discussing Freud, Erikson, and two other psychoanalytic or neo-psychoanalytic theorists. Answer the following questions in your paper: - Why was Freud's work so influential? - How did the analysts that followed Freud dissent from his viewpoint? - What links the

    Inpatient versus Outpatient Care

    Suggest an advantage or disadvantage to the movement toward outpatient care away from inpatient care. Do you think that this trend will eventually reverse or stabilize?

    Should the government or families set values for children?

    Taking the negative stance that the State or Federal Government SHOULD NOT be the one setting values nor prescribing it but should be the sole responsibility of the individual families to set values to their children. 1. Restate opposition and most significant arguments in favor of not making a change. 2. Summary with 250-3

    Formative Research

    Research plays an essential role in health assessment and planning. What is formative research? How can formative research help the health advocate select and use a theory to strategize a communications campaign for health promotion?

    Significance of the Family as Client

    What do you think is the significance of the family as client in the current health care environment, and how can this apply to home tele-health or patient care.

    Smoking Cessation Program

    Need to provide a realistic, sufficiently detailed and evidence based action plan that a patient could feasibly implement for smoking cessation. I am not too sure how to approach this. Any help would be appreciated.

    Discussing H1N1

    Hi, I need assistance with the following task. I need to develop a comprehensive summary of the H1N1 Influenza Virus that will discuss basically what H1N1 is and how the vaccine is produced. What are the vaccines and why are they produced every year? What is the significance of the vaccine with regard to preventing the spread of

    Designing an Educational Program for Incumbent Managers

    If you were asked to design an idealized educational program for incumbent managers to enhance their overall effectiveness what would it look like? What type of problems would you anticipate, and how would the training program resolve or mitigate these problems?

    Healthcare Statement

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why? If I were a CEO of a large group practice, providing cost effective quality care would be of great importance. There are several actions that could be taken to provide quality cost effective access to healthcare. I would set out clear cut goals and communicate these goal

    Healthcare Data Sets and Standards

    1. With companies like Google and Microsoft entering the Personal Health Record field, what concerns result? 2. Why are standards such as the Continuity of Care Record important to healthcare? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Theories and Changes in the Health Field

    I need help with the attached to add toward changes in the health field that would apply towards each of the 3 theories. I have those theories and instructions in the attachment. The name of each theoretical model is listed below. I just need help with a description of the type of change situation in the health field where ea

    Implementation Process for Healthcare Changes

    You have recently been hired to improve the quality of services at a healthcare organization. Your supervisor would like to hear about your plans for improvement. In particular she wants you to send her an email answering the following question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of process and outcome measures of qual

    Manager Theories

    I am in need of some help with this question. I need a detailed overview of a particular theory used by managers to inform practice and review alternatives, or solutions. This is to be a specific theory and not a theory group. Please include the definition of the theory, the major thought leaders/theorists who have contribute

    Improving Medication Administration Safety

    Based on the attached article by Adachi and Lodolce, how is failure mode effect analysis used to improve medication administration safety? Article: Use of failure mode and effects analysis in improving the safety of i.v. drug administration by WAYNE ADACHI AND AMY E. LODOLCE

    Overcoming Barriers to Communication in Healthcare

    Explain the existing barriers to communication and discuss ways for managers to overcome these barriers within a system. Please note: Example of personal barriers to effective communication included people distorting the encoding or decoding of their message according to their frames of reference or their beliefs and values.

    Developmental Profile Physical Changes

    Hi, I need some assistance generating ideas for the following assignment. The assignment requires quite a bit of content and I am not too sure how to approach it. Write a 1,000 - 1,500 paper that addresses the following in children from early childhood through middle childhood: - Summarize the physical changes that occur in