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Theory Comprehensiveness

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Briefly explain the comprehensiveness of each of the following theories. Include in-text citations and references.
1) Psychodynamic
2) Attachment
3) Psychosocial

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1) Psychodynamic - Roger's legacy is Person Centered Care (PCT) which he instilled into psychodynamic therapy. In his reference to this type of therapy, six different factors needed to be considered. First being the financial status and the severity of the disease in the patient. In a way perhaps not even understood by the patient, there was an establishment of the first stage of PCT. The second factor established a working coping mechanism within the patient. PCT offers congruence or a therapist that is fully engaged with the patient and is truly caring and interested in the patient's situation. Rogerian theory always expressed a positive approach to the patient. The last two conditions of PCT and psychodynamic therapy are empathy and unconditional positive ...

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Theory comprehensives are examined. Psychodynamics, attachment and psychosocial theories are discussed.

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