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Social learning theory and trait theory

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I need the cultural utility, applicability, key figures, key concepts, validity, comprehensiveness and the explaination of the disorder.

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The following solution contains some key information on social learning theory and trait theory.

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Social Learning Theory:
Key Figures: Montgomery, Rotter and Bandura
Key Concepts: People learn new behavior through observational learning of the social factors in their environment. If people observe positive desired outcomes in the observed behavior they are more likely to adapt , model and imitate the behavior themselves.
Explanation of Disorder Personality: According to Dollard and Miller theory of learning, overlay aggressive individuals (particularly serial killers) are instigated toward a behavior which is some antecedent condition of which the predicted response is its consequences. For a serial killer frustration gets in the way of an instigated goal and their built up aggression must be released.
Validity: When people observe others engaging in certain behaviors , it does not necessarily mean that they are learning that behavior. People need a good reason to want to learn behaviors through ...

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