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    Developmental Profile

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    Hi, I need some assistance generating ideas for the following assignment. The assignment requires quite a bit of content and I am not too sure how to approach it.

    Write a 1,000 - 1,500 paper that addresses the following in children from early childhood through middle childhood:
    - Summarize the physical changes that occur in children during this age and the factors that influence those changes. Include a comparison of males vs. females.
    - Describe the changes that occur in a child's brain and nervous system during this time frame and the corresponding changes in cognition, problem solving and judgment.Give specific examples of skills and abilities. Include a comparison of males versus females.
    - Summarize the major milestones in social and emotional development that take place in early and middle childhood. Include information on self-understanding/self-concept, emotional regulation, peer relationships, male/female differences, and family influences.

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    I hope this helps.

    Physical changes occur in the early and middle age years that can be predictable. This can be the growth in height and in pounds.Children in early childhood grow faster than in middle years. This calculation should always be a range with each child being different based on genetic and environmental factors. The brain also develops at a faster rate during the years between three and seven than any other time. This growth rate slows down and by age twelve most of the synapse of the brain has been established for a lifetime. Socially children develop from three to seven establishing the group dynamics that are needed for later in their school years.Often, groups can be difficult and coaching by a helpful adult can lead the child to healthier relationships with other children.

    Defining early childhood and middle childhood can be unique to every childhood. There are therefore markers that should be expected in a child that keeps them on a healthy physical growth path. Between the ages of two and seven is expected to be one of the slower times of physical growth with 2.5 inches and about seven pounds a year. During this period the body begins to develop gross and fine motor skills. Under eight years, children should be encouraged to use motor skills to run slow and fast. They should also be facilitated by employing catching games to encourage motor development (Jones, Riethmuller, Hesketh, Trezise, ...

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    The expert examines developmental profile physical changes. Major milestones in social and emotional development in childhood are summarized.