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    Control Plan for Biohazards in the Workplace

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    Choose a setting in which ergonomic and biological hazards are present (e.g. hospital, extended care facility, ambulatory clinic). You are an industrial hygienist in charge of establishing a health and safety plan for this facility.

    1) Describe the setting, the number of workers, amount of space, whether the place seems organized or not, whether workers are rushed to do their jobs and the atmosphere of the workplace in general.

    2) Describe the health hazards associated with ergonomics and bloodborne pathogens in this setting.

    3) Outline a control plan that you would implement in this facility to reduce the risk of worker exposure to ergonomic stressors and bloodborne pathogens.

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    I can describe to you how different work environment characteristics affect safety, but you will have to choose an environment and describe.

    1) The calmer the work environment is, the safer it will be. If workers are rushed to accomplish their tasks, they may overlook safety precautions and are more likely to make mistakes. Disorganization also adds to chaos and makes the atmosphere more stressful and workers become frustrated when not able to find things, increasing ...

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