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    Examining safety and health issues in the modern workplace

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    In the past there have always been dangers in the workplace, much caused by the demand for more production in less time, carelessness and sometimes a simple lack of knowledge. The litigation costs became so intense that employers formed a plan to compensate workers from a fund which they provided, i.e. Workers' Compensation. Today there are a vast amount of safety problems that are much more subtle than methane gas in coal mines (though that hazard still exists) from exposure to asbestos in buildings to carpal tunnel syndrome in employees who use LSM machines in the Post Office and more commonly in the constant use of computers. Many of these problems have been addressed by the Center for Disease Control and are discussed here.

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    This problem discusses the challenges that modern employers must face to maintain safety in the workplace. It discusses government involvement in requiring safe conditions for workers, the origin of workmens' compensation and a variety of dangers and solutions to safety for workers today.