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    Human Resources Management/ Safety and Health

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    "5 Year Plan for SMC" is the title. The changes and challenges SMC faces are: Local labor market continues to shrink, local labor costs are rising, demand for its product continues to increase, its workforce is now bilingual, accident rate has increased by 50%, it has experienced unsuccessful periodic organizing activities, SMC's CEO is terminally ill.

    Using Technology advances and Globalization We need to address 2 of the 5 following factors when planning over the next 5 years what SMC needs to do to remain competitive with regard to safety and health

    How can you apply MAINLY Safety and Health to this plan for SMC (even though this is through using Technology Advances and Globalization)

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    First let us discuss the use of technology in solving some of these issues.

    As the demand of the company's product is increasing, it can afford to make some investments in modern technologies to remove or mitigate some of the problems mentioned above. One of the major technological change it can introduce is improving the working conditions and efficiency at the workplace and reducing accident rates and unsuccessful periodic organizing activities by initiating a Total Quality Management program at the workplace to minimize efficiencies, improve productivity and reduce activities and errors that are potential bottlenecks for the organization. Further, such quality improvement initiatives using modern technology will help in boosting the morale and motivation of the employees as well by providing them better working conditions and more satisfaction with respect to work environment. Further, since there is paucity of abundant labor in the local area, it will be beneficial for the company to implement automated production techniques to reduce the requirement of ...

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    Human Resources Management/ Safety and Health