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Leaders to admire

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Identify up to three leaders who you admire. They can be sportsmen/women, politicians, professionals, etc. Explain what it is that you admire in terms of the characteristics that these individuals bring to their leadership (e.g., psychological, performative, intellectual characteristics, etc.). Then say why you think that these types of characteristics would be desirable attributes of public health management.

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Three leaders I admire are Mahatma Ghandi, Kathryn Hepburn, and Joyce Banda President of
Malawi. Leadership does not necessarily require an individual to run a major corporation or hold a
high ranking position in government. Characteristics that many leaders (including those mentioned
above) possess are emotional strength, wisdom, tenacity, and a love for others. All three of these
leaders have demonstrated caring and love for others and for humanity. They have also exhibited
strength of character in their undying commitments to ideals or to improving conditions for others.

Although she never held a position as a corporate executive or political figure, Kathryn Hepburn
has demonstrated leadership through her commitment to her acting career and the high standard she
set for herself. As a feminist in the acting world, Hepburn took on roles that would have previously only
have been played by men. Her role in Sylvia Scarlett as a boy is one example. Hepburn's fearless
approach to her acting career, even when some of the movies she had roles in did not do well, would
serve her well as a leader in public health management. She would likely be a champion of ...

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