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Diversity Changes at the Societal Level

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Discrimination has persisted in countries all over the world, despite legislation prohibiting it. Briefly describe changes other than legislation that are necessary at the societal level in order to foster a culture of diversity.

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Leaders have to be persistent in modeling the proper and acceptable behaviors expected. Education is another important aspect. Education about laws and education about the value of diversity are both necessary to help people understand and accept the people of other races. Acceptance has to be equitable and ...

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A response to what societal level changes must occur for race acceptance.

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Examine diversity communication patterns and analyzes the diversity issues. For example, consider adding the following factors to help categorize:
1) The prescriptive norms, rules, roles, and networks of a specific culture.
2) The opportunities/obstacles of being a member of both the dominant culture and an ethnic culture.
3) Issues related to gender, race, and economic class.
4) The striving toward or resistance of acculturation.
Evaluate the effective/ineffective communication patterns presented and relate those patterns to diversity.

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