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    Organizational Behavior: Leaders

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    There are different types of leaders. Some are followed for their charisma, others for their skills, yet some others just for the positions they hold. If you were a leader of a team what would you like to be followed for? Think of your personality traits and your own values in your answer. Describe the personality traits of a leader that you most admire and discuss why people follow them.

    A common belief?usually held privately?is that without some degree of fear, subordinates wouldn't respect the boss. The fear may be of punishment and/or a denial of rewards.

    Would you agree with this? State your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.

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    If you were a leader of a team what would you like to be followed for?

    If I were a leader of a team, I would like to be followed for my skills as a leader. I think that charisma can only get you so far in life. Charisma can get your foot in the door, but it cannot teach you and show others how to effectively handle and lead a team. By being a leader that others admire from my skills, it will enable them to learn the same skill set and hopefully ...

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