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Process and Steps of Internal Change

1. List and briefly discuss The Eight Stage Process of Creating Major Change.

2. Briefly discuss the 5 Steps of the Grieving Process.

3. If you were beginning a self-improvement effort at this time, where would you start? Physical health, social love, values, occupational satisfaction. What actions should you take?

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The 8 stages for creating major change.

1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency

Like awareness of an issue, this step requires the issue to be identified, and identified as something that needs to be changed right away. Urgency gives the perception of demand, and the greater the demand, the more likely the change can occur successfully.

2. Creating the Leadership Group

Change often requires leaders who can spearhead the campaign for change. These people need to know how to approach people and recruit them into supporting the change, need to know how to problem solve during the change and be able to direct people adapting to the change. Without leaders, change will not occur as we all tend to like the familiar. This is truly an extension of the idea of participation being necessary for change.

3. Developing a Vision and Strategy

It is necessary to develop overarching goals so then everyone involved in the change are aware of what they are working towards.
This gives people an idea of what the change is about and why, as well as a way to evaluate how close they are to achieving the change.

4. ...

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