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Symphonic Cooperation

You have recently been hired as a new manager in a failing division in a company. The product line is outdated and losing market share, inter-departmental communication is adversarial, and competition for corporate funding is fierce. How are you, a new individual, going to turn things around?

Consider the following example, Symphonic Cooperation from another "industry" Below. Write a plan for changing its organizational structure, incorporating the following elements:

1. Our vision of a new organizational structure for your division including how you would realign individuals, tasks, processes and functions.

2. Steps to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new.

3. New policies that you would implement that should begin right away to facilitate the change to the new organizational sturcture.

Symphonic Cooperation
Lead story-Dateling: The New York Times, February 20,2002.

"clearly, changes were needed, and the kinzer article describes a series of moves that have stated a major turnaround for the orchestra".

Cite sources using apa style and references.

Objective: Describe the techniques of managing change (60 %)
Describe the concepts of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading.(40 %)

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