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    Change and Resistance to Change Management

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    What are some methods managers can use to overcome the resistance to change, and why this is vital to organizational success?

    Discuss a time when you were required to change something in your organization, whether a process, procedure, policy, or something else. How did the change come about, and how did you deal with the change? If you were a leader who had to manage a major change in an organization, what steps you would take to make sure that it was done correctly?

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    Overcoming Resistance to Change: Toward Organizational Success

    Organizational change is defined by Robbins and Coulter (2005) as any alteration in people, structure, or technology.
    Among the forces that create the need for change include:

    1. External forces
    a) Marketplace: Change in market structure as well as characteristics and preferences of buyers may require an organization to adapt.
    b) Government laws and regulations: Change in government law and regulations may require some changes in structure and operations. Change in tax rates may mean changes in costs.
    c) Technology: Products may require better technology to be produced or delivered more effectively and efficiently.
    d) Labor market: Labor laws such as those that concern wages and benefits will surely require changes in human resource policies. Demand and supply for labor may also be another ...

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    This report includes a discussion of the possible sources or reasons of change in an organization. Identified sources may fall under two categories - external and internal. External sources include the market place, government laws and regulations, economy, and competition. Internal sources which are often the consequences of external sources are operations, technology, equipment, and financial condition. Techniques in managing change as well as resistance to change were proposed.