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Peer Reviewed Articles Summaries

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Please provide 4 peer-reviewed articles which are specifically related to strategic alternatives in health care organizations. For each article provide a brief summary and include a brief analysis on how this might be helpful to a healthcare organization.

I already have 3 I am working on and just need 3 more and running out of time to get this done. Thank you for any help you can provide!!

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I was looking for articles that might contain an idea that you didn't already have.... I hope I was successful!

Frisse, M.E., et al. (2012). The financial impact of health information exchange on emergency department care, JAMIA 19, p 328-333, http://jamia.bmj.com/content/19/3/328.full

The article discusses the use of health information exchange (HIE) on emergency department costs and testing. The study examined "ED encounters over a 13 month period in which HIE data were accessed in all major emergency departments" to determine if there were any differences in hospital admissions, testing, etc. The study found a profound decrease in ED costs that they associated to the use of HIE.

Health information exchange refers to medical information that is gathered at other locations (other clinics, Dr. Offices, etc.) and shared between providers. Although this is the trend of health care presently, it is a highly debated topic. It is reasonable to understand how this information sharing could be a great benefit to the health care community, ...

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Peer-Reviewed Article Summaries

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