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Sales Position Types

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What type of sales position would you recommend for: (a) a four-person gastroenterology practice that wants to maintain strong ties to its primary care referral physicians, (b) an MCO trying to penetrate a new market and have its plan offered as an option to employees within any local company, and (c) a health care data management firm that provides a program to hospitals for billing and quality assurance?

I need help with 200 to 300 words, please.

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Sales positions are varied according to the type of products or services. It is essential that a match is made to make the connection between the person and the sales. A four-person gastroenterology practice with four physicians in a practice would have a close relationship with each other. A salesperson with a friendly approach would have a better chance of gaining entry into the office. A noon appointment is usually more acceptable and even better if you bring the staff a lunch or snack. Offices find it ...

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