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Dealing with Grief in Healthcare

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A) Where would you go for resources in helping a patient deal with his or her grief? Why would you choose that source and how much help do you think you would get? Would it be best to refer the patient to other sources/resources, and how would you help them to identify these possible resources?

B) What is the best thing to do when a person is overcome with grief? Why?

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One of the first places that I would go for resources in helping a patient deal with his or her grief, will be that individual's religious leader, due to the fact that an individual can gain a great deal of help with the grieving process by talking with their religious leaders about the feelings that they have, as well as gaining spiritual insight and comfort from the knowledge and wisdom of their spiritual or religious leader. Most individuals place a great deal of confidence in their religious leader, be it the head of the church, synagogue, mosque, etc., and these religious leaders also have access to a variety of resources that can be very helpful in helping an individual to deal with his or her grief. These individuals usually have access to religious support groups, that are very active in helping individuals within the community with all manners of problems, and dealing with grief is a problem that is handled quite often by these support groups. In addition, religious leaders also have connections with members of the church and other organizations, that can hold fundraisers for individuals that are going through grief due to the loss of a loved one, which will help them to take care of some of the financial difficulties that arise during these times, and ...

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