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    HR compensation methods and benefit programs

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    Hello Class,

    Please list your response in the main classroom.

    Objective of activity
    Analyze the impact of various compensation methods and benefit programs on employee work life.

    Description of activity

    Following data:

    Employee Life-Cycle Stage Desired Benefit

    1. Young, unmarried workers Legal assistance

    2. Newlyweds Long-term care insurance

    3. Workers in their childbearing years Medicare supplements

    4. Workers during their child-rearing years Extra vacation

    5. Employees dealing with divorce Flexible work schedules

    6. Empty-nesters Parental leave

    7. Workers in eldercare years Day care centers

    8. Workers facing death Grief counseling

    9. Retirees Career counseling

    Match the employee life-cycle stage in the first column to the desired benefit in the second column. A benefit may be used more than once or not at all. Discuss your reasoning.

    Roughly need 300 words.

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    1. Flexible work schedules- Younger people are still in college mode and getting up very early or spending all day in an office is not something that will motivate them very much therefore giving them the ability to have an unorthodox schedule is the best way to keep them motivated.
    2. Extra Vacation- This is the time of life when people are all about spending more time with each other and in addition to the honeymoon, enjoy going places and seeing things together so they would be motivated by having more ...