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Trend in American Medicine: Hospitalists

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There is a major new trend in American medicine an entire new professional physician group known as "hospitalists." Currently the American public has a very poor understanding of what a hospitalist is and what role he or she performs in patient care.

Describe the role of the hospitalist today, and discuss some trends in this new profession.

Is there any evidence to suggest that hospitalists are having a positive impact on hospital care?

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The hospitalist model of care is the one in which a generalist physician cares for (and coordinates the care of) hospitalized patients, returning the patients to their primary physicians at the time of hospital discharge. The term "hospitalist" was first introduced in 1996 to describe physicians who devote much of their professional time and focus to the care of hospitalized patients. They are experts at providing inpatient care. In this newly introduced model switching between the hospitalist and the primary care physician is mandatory. After discharge, the patient goes under the care his primary care physician. In ...

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The solution discusses a trend in American medicine, an entire new professional physician group known as "hospitalists."