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    Case Study: Lymph and Leukemia Disorders

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    A 6-year-old boy has a recurrent cough and sore throat. The pediatrician notices some bruises on the arms and legs. The doctor orders blood tests, and gives the boy some antibiotics. The blood tests reveal an increased lymphocyte count.

    What is the possible diagnosis?

    What would be the next investigation?

    What would be the patient's hemoglobin level?

    What would be the level of thrombocytes?

    Will there be pain associated with this condition?

    What would be the treatment for this boy?

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    What is the possible diagnosis?

    A possible diagnosis for this patient would be leukemia. Leukemia is a type of blood or bone marrow cancer characterized by an increase in white blood cells. The white blood cells produced though are atypical. The white blood cells that are excessively produced are immature or "blast" cells that have not matured fully. They do not mature fully because the body (which is like a factory) is attempting to produce and pump them into the blood so quickly that they don't have enough time to mature. Because the body is producing an excess of white blood cells, or lymphocytes, it is not producing an adequate amount of red blood cells and platelets. It is instead diverting the energy and resources for making red blood cells and platelets into making white blood ...

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    This solution centers around a case study involving a 6 year old boy with a sickness and bruises. The physiology of leukemia is extensively explained and so are diagnostic tests and treatment options