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Biology of Diseases

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1) Discuss the microbiology of gut, liver and respiratory tract
2) Discuss white blood cell pathology
3) What is haemostasis? What can go wrong?
4) What is haemopoeisis and what can go wrong? Discuss the development of haemopoiesis.
5) What is cancer?
6) What is a cell ?

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This solution answers the specific questions regarding microbiology of gut and respiratory tract, white cell pathologgy, haemostasis, haemopoesis and caner.

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1) The most heavily colonized organ is the gastrointestinal tract; the colon alone is estimated to contain over 70% of all the microbes in the human body. Collective human gut microbiota is found to be composed of over 35,000 bacterial species. One half the weight of feces is made up of bacteria (there are approximately 1 million (106) bacteria per gram of feces. Anaerobic bacteria outnumber the aerobic bacteria. The genera bacteroides, bifidobacterium, eubacterium, clostridium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, and ruminococcus are predominant in human beings whereas facultative anaerobes such as escherichia, enterobacter, enterococcus, klebsiella, lactobacillus, proteus, etc are among the subdominant genera. Research on probiotic bacteria; bacterial species with antagonistic activities against different pathogens, have revealed important interactions. Members of the Lactobacillus genus produce lactic acid which, in addition to providing an inhibitory environment to the growth of many bacteria, also potentiates the antimicrobial activity of host lysozyme by disrupting the bacterial outer membrane. Write about the metabolic, trophic and protective roles they play. ...

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