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    Biotechnology, Space and Evolution

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    What are your thoughts on the impact that biotechnology might have on human evolution?

    How do you think the human race's expansion into space might affect our evolution?

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    Biotechnology in simple terms is the manipulation of an organism to produce a product which is beneficial to mankind. It is a branch of biology which is expanding at exponential rate and all of us are feeling its effects in our day to day life. Although biotechnology was known since many years earlier its most important effects were visible only in the recent years. The discovery of the structure of DNA and the restriction enzymes are the most important biotechnological advances in procedures like recombinant DNA technology.

    Now what impact will these/other biotechnology discoveries have on human evolution ? In my view it has both good and bad effects. What is evolution? It is ...

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    Discusses the impact of biotechnology on human evolution and the possibility of expanding into space.