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    Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners - Brief Description

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    Please give a definition of computed tomography (CT), including how they function, a brief history, and common current applications of CT imaging.

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    Tomography is defined as the usage of a rotating x-ray tube to produce a distorted image that, through its distortion, reveals details of anatomy with less superimposition from structures that would normally occlude it from view in a normal radiograph. Essentially, a moving x-ray tube and detector causes objects in its focal plane to become sharper, while everything else outside of the focal plane blurs due to the movement. This then reveals objects within the desired focal plane with greater clarity and with less obstruction from other anatomy in the ...

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    This solution provides a detailed description of the functioning of computed tomography (CT) scanners, advancements made, and common usages. It also includes links to helpful resources which students can refer to learn more about the history of CT scanners and a video link for a visual depiction of a CT scanner.