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    Choose a research study article of interest to you

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    1) Choose a research study article of interest to you (public health topics)
    2) Refer to the study you choose and complete "Assessing a Research Study."
    3) Identify an article that directly references your chosen study and compare it to your findings. Does this article refute or confirm the study's findings?
    4) Write a paper (750-1,000 words) that analyzes and summarizes your findings.
    5) Support your work with references
    Assessing a Research Study

    Review the study components in the left-side column of the form below. Refer to the study you chose, and complete the data in the right-side column with the key components in that study.

    Research Question:

    How did the research question emerge from the review of literature in the article?

    Independent Variables

    Dependent Variables

    Identify and Define the Study Design Elements:
    1. Quantitative vs. Qualitative:
    2. Sample Size
    3. Method of sample selection: Explanation.
    4. Identify and define the experimental and control groups?
    5. Reliable and valid data instruments? Explain.

    Describe analysis.
    What statistics were used?

    Did the researchers' conclusions make sense, did they answer the research question, and did they appear to flow from the review of the literature?
    Did they explore control of extraneous variables?

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    1) Choose a research study article of interest to you (public health topics)

    Lifetime health and economic consequences of obesity. Academic Journal (English) By: Thompson D; Edelsberg J; Colditz GA; Bird AP; Oster G, Archives Of Internal Medicine [Arch Intern Med], ISSN: 0003-9926, 1999 Oct 11; Vol. 159

    The public health topic that will be chosen for this particular summary is the obesity epidemic, which has plagued the entire world over the last decade. Obesity used to be seen as a first-world disease wherein overconsumption of fatty foods that were fried and easily accessible in wealthy countries such as the United States or other Western countries. For a period of time, this assumption was true as Americans would consistently be represented in studies as the most obese and overweight world citizens, but this began to change with the proliferation of free-market practices that exported many of America's unhealthy eating habits across the globe. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and others have expanded exponentially across the world, and this has heavily contributed to obesity epidemics occurring in countries that are third world and don't possess the affluent wealth that America or other ...

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