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    Tips for learning medical terms

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    Some words look difficult to pronounce, spell, and even to understand the meanings and could be overwhelming learning medical terminology.

    Other than memorization, what are some things you might do to make it easier to learn medical terms?

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    A lot of medical and scientific words come from Latin. This is not to suggest that you needed to know Latin or learn it, as a prerequisite, however that can be where it breaks down. Those words are not necessarily from our orientation of German, and other languages, for which English borrows.

    It might sound quirky but taking (for example) a very simple word differentiation like desert and dessert, I come up with a little thing like 'strawberry shortcake,' for ...

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    This solution delineates memory strategies for medical terms and suggests more general study strategies. The solution provides specific examples to illustrate the strategies described in the response and provides alternatives to rote memorization so that students can better utilize their study time.