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    Health and wellness in the modern era

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    Please help with the following problems:

    1) Explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing premature disease and promoting wellness.

    2) Define each of the four components of psychosocial health, and identify the basic traits shared by psychosocially healthy people.

    Both answers need to be between 200-300 words. If you use a reference, please list it.

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    Life, as we know it now, has finite span. There is the debate between nature and nurture, external and internal environmental conditions also enter in to the lifespan equation. Those endowed with good genes do themselves a favor by enhancing the good luck with good lifestyle choices. The perhaps inevitable ultimate death sentence may be delayed due to choosing not to smoke, drink beyond an occasional alcoholic beverage, engaging in ...

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    The posting provides answers about living an optimal healthy lifestyle and increasing the odds of greater longevity is discussed. It describes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and defines the four component of psychosocial health and the basic traits shared by psychosocially healthy people. The explanation is given in 274 words.