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    Pathogens and Air Pollution

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    1) Describe the most common pathogens infecting humans today and the typical diseases each causes.

    2) Discuss major causes of air pollution and the global consequences of the accumulation of greenhouse gases and ozone depletion.

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    1.) Pathogens are disease causing organisms. They are infectious agents that cause some of the most common diseases in our society. The most common pathogens infecting humans today are Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, and Fungi. Not all Bacteria are pathogens and are typically harmless; however, some are responsible for such diseases as Syphilis, Pneumonia, and Tonsillitis. Viruses replicate inside living organisms and attack the immune system. They are ...

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    This solution describes the most common pathogens infecting humans and the diseases associated with each. Also, it mentions the most common causes of air pollution and how greenhouse gases and ozone depletion lead to problems for humans other organisms and natural environment. It is 270 word solution and includes references.