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Creative Brief Target Audience

Can you please help me with these questions in this creative brief template. It is based on Newton running shoe. I attached a copy of the background and objectives that I did previously just to give an idea. Thanks and I appreciate it.

Creative Brief Target Audience

This week, complete the Target Audience section of your creative brief template.
In the audience section, compose a 4-5 paragraph summary that outlines the following:

- Who is the Primary Audience?
- Include the demographics, age group, gender, marital status, etc.
- What should be avoided when creating for this audience?
- What do they believe before we tell them anything?
- Who is the secondary audience that you will be marketing to? Why is this group secondary?

Please see the two attachments.

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The primary audience for the "Color Me Happy" creative brief is long distance runners. This target group is 48 percent men, with an average age of 45.1 years. 74 percent of the men are married while15 percent have never been married. 55 percent of the men have no children in the household, but 29 percent have at least 2 children. Women runners make up 52 percent of the total and their average age is 39 years old. 62 percent of the females are married, and 64 percent have no children in the household. Both the men and women are highly educated, with 94 percent holding a college degree or better. More than 57 percent of the men and 45 ...

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This is a creative brief for Newton Running shoes that outlines the target audience including demographics and important items for the audience. It also outlines the secondary audience. APA formatted references are included.