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    Creative Brief and Beverage Product

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    Please see the attached file and take the beverage product introduced and write a Creative Brief for it. Don't worry so much about the specific media, etc. Rather, come up with a brief for a campaign idea.


    1. Product

    - Name: Healthy Buddy
    - Style: I recommend making it in a can since it is easy to open and it serves the couch potatoes well. We still want to look familiar to the couch potatoes and don't want to look like a typical healthy drink. We want them to think "this is just like other sodas but it even makes my body healthier".

    2. Placement

    - Where to be sold: Convenient stores and local super markets so it could be accessed easily. We want to have the product in the stores that a typical couch potato would go to buy a beverage.
    - Timing: I would launch the product at the time of the big game like super ball. It would be better to launch it actually slightly before the event so that they could buy the beverage for the game.

    3. Price

    - I would put it in the slightly higher range than other sodas like Coke in order to deliver the brand image of healthiness and quality. However, we don't want to be too high since then they would consider this beverage as a different category drink and wouldn't get the connection between the beverage and their usual choice of beverages.

    4. Promotion

    - Tag line 1: My buddy to enjoy the game with.
    - Tag line 2: Taste cool and doesn't harm my body.
    - Tag line 3: Can drink more and stay fit.

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    Creative Brief for launch of Healthy Buddy

    Project Summary: Healthy Buddy is a premium health drink that aims to provide unique health benefits to consumers. The company is planning to launch this drink in the non alcoholic beverage marketplace as a unique health drink that does not harm the body and provides health benefits. Company will utilize a wide range of media, ranging from press, television to internet for promoting the product.

    The immediate goal is to establish a strong brand awareness and brand presence among the target consumers in order to capture leadership position and strong market share in the non alcoholic beverage segment. The key objective is to position the product as an unique health beverage with high quality ingredients and better nutritional value than other offerings in the marketplace.

    Target Audience:

    The target audience for this product will be health conscious consumers that do not mind paying little extra for a healthy beverage and try to lead a very healthy lifestyle. Target audience includes all existing beverage drinkers, especially those that are looking for healthy alternative to their existing beverages. Another target audience is sportmen or people that lead a healthy or active lifestyle and are looking for a heatly drink that can provide nutritional supplement.

    Key consumer benefits:


    The key benefit to consumer is a healthy, tasty alternative to their existing beverages with nutritional benefits and no side effects. People can enjoy non alcoholic beverage and simultaneously gain nutritional benefits.


    Gaining popularity of natural health products and supplements. People are becoming more health savvy and looking for alternative food and health products to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Perception/Tone Guidelines:

    The ad campaign will be full of excitement and fun and will be informative as well, clearly highlighting the taste as well as health benefit of this unique beverage. The whole campaign is aimed to make consumers feel lively and healthy and thus, the campaign will be very lively, sporty and exciting in nature. The campaign will convey the abilities of the drink to provide a refreshing taste with unique health benefits.

    Focusing on the key benefits, the campaign should be substantially differentiable from the advertisements of other brands.

    Communication Strategy:

    The overall communication strategy will be constructed around the major objective of ensuring customers that Healthy Buddy is a unique non alcoholic beverage with significant health benefits.

    Targeted Message:

    A cool buddy to make you healthy

    Competitive positioning: Healthybuddy will be positioned as a unique health drink that is totally different from existing non alcoholic beverages. The pricing will be little higher than existing drinks to establish to highlight its unique health benefits and high quality. The positioning will be such that consumers will not perceive the product as just another health drink, but a unique product that has never been launched in the market before. The product will be positioned as a healthy alternative to beverages like Coke and Pepsi.

    Other recommendations:

    Create a unique identity

    Highly visual, action-oriented, empowering, entertaining

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