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Creative Brief deadlines

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Please help because I am having some difficulty. Can you please help me with this creative brief template? It is about "Newton: Color Me Happy running shoes."

Creative Brief Deadlines

This week, complete the Deadlines section of your creative brief template.

In this section, compose a 2-3 paragraph summary that outlines the following:

• When must the message get to the audience for maximum effect? (i.e. trade shows, events, product intro dates)
• When must the finished work be delivered?

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The best time to deliver the message for maximum effect would be at the end of August to take advantage of the fall running season. Due to weather conditions, a great many marathons are run in the fall, when the weather is cooler yet runners have had the summer to train. At this time, many runners have either connected with running through the long summer or thinking about putting ...

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