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    Developing creativity in employees

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    This is a discussion, and it is requested to write a following response to the discussion with 150 or more words at below. Please focus on the field of management of strategic operation. This discussion is about the practice of improving business process.

    I'd like to ask you to add some academic citation or reference, even a short one will be fine. Of course, if real time example is available that would be perfect. Thank you!

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    It is an interesting one: For best practice to be effective, management should give room to employees' heuristic contribution or participation. Just like what we learnt last week about the various perspective of operation strategy, the top-up and bottom- up: where there is High level of coordination and control and it encourages team work. Gundlach (2011) stated that the bottom -up encourages creativity and could discover hidden talents from members which surely impact positively on the business process and a firm's overall objective.

    According to McMahon (2013) cognitive processes developed by the leader, heuristics, can increase the creative output of the employees which will improve the processes. An employee who is intrinsically motivated is one who is energized by his work itself rather than been motivated by the rewards he receives as a result of accomplishing his task. A manager who makes employees energized about their work will have workers who are likely to explore new ideas and conceive creative solutions.

    How can management actually make employee behave in a heuristic way? Can an employee be made to be more creative? Does anyone agree to this?

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    Management can actually make employees behave in a heuristic manner by giving employees autonomy. Setting clear goals and giving autonomy works. Further, management should appreciate the contribution of employees; this encourages them to act in heuristic manner. Sitting down with an employee and discussing the work day with the employee also encourages the employee to be heuristic.

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