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    Communication Model Business Processes

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    Dear Professor,
    I am in need of assistance and here is an overview of my current dilemma:
    As CEO of Meta4Labs (hypothetically), I need help crafting a speech or memo to my stakeholders and then outline my change for my communications plan.
    *** I've included some sample templates that I found that I think might help (see below).
    My main problem is that I'm not to use any of them as is, but rather to use them to assist in creating my own plan. There is no one right way to develop the plan, so I'm free to make my own choices and create something that will effectively lead this hypothetical company to the desired outcome.
    Keep in mind that invention is a creative process, so you want to make sure that you encourage innovation within the company.

    I feel like a deer in the headlights trying to wrap my mind around this! The professor isn't very communicative.
    If you can be of assistance, please let me know.


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    Consider the main areas of the communication model to (1) assist in clarify clear intentions of the company's management team (2) state only the relevant flows of points of interests, such as, key management personnel or support teams (3) show the transition of new, old, and occasional changes that can occur in a communication flow chart

    Let's take a sample case study of an Advertising Agency communication flow memo and a chart link:


    ATTN: Stakeholders of TBL Advertising Enterprise
    Re: New Communication Model

    Date: xx/xx/xx

    The enclosed information is the new proposal for an effective communication model that will assist in higher proficiency and efficiency to relay information as well as follow-up to assure our client's needs is met.

    *Focus on your intro to the ...

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    The review into creating communication model to efficiently communicate business processes to stakeholders.