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Advertising & Promotional: Creative Brief Integrated Market

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Need help because I am having some difficulty. Can you please help me with this creative brief template. Its about "Newton: Color Me Happy running shoes" I am also asking for help with this Integrated Brand Promotion that attached. The Integrated Brand Promotion is different from the creative brief. Thanks and I appreciate your help.

NEWTON "Color Me Happy" - This is a continuation from creative brief template.

This week, complete the Additional Details section of your creative brief template, focusing on any integrated activities you will incorporate into your overall plan. The Additional Details Section should be 3-4 paragraphs in length and describe in detail the integrated promotions of your plan.

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Integrated brand promotion involves using different communication tools, in order to present a product to a wide audience in a consistent manner. A company must consider its budget in initially determining the best, most cost effective manner to read it target audience. In addition, it must consider the communication channels that are most likely to reach the target audience. Different media choices have different run times and interact with the consumer differently.


Newspapers were the go-to choice of advertising media in the past. It had the benefit of being delivered on a regular basis to a vast majority of a community's household. As the world has evolved, this choice is less popular. The general public is less inclined to read a printed newspaper, down from 81 percent in 1970 to 32 percent today (Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc, 2012). It is difficult to target a particular audience with newspaper, so the cost must be compared on the basis that a high percentage of the cost will be spent on people who receive the paper and are not interested in that particular product. The demographics tend to be "an older white audience- 89 percent of subscribers on Sunday are white (Allen, 2012). Newspapers do have the benefit of being a valuable and trusted source of information to regular subscribers. Also, advertisements can be changed frequently, with a fresh message being delivered daily. Newspapers allow for in-depth explanation about the product and can be combined with other media. Readers of newspapers can carry their paper with them, cut out coupons or advertisements for future use.

Newspapers are on the Internet, available on computers, smartphones and tablets. This delivery method is more likely to incorporate a younger more diverse audience, with eight in 10 users reporting using their devices for various types of shopping (Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc, 2012). But, according to the 2012 Newspaper Multiplatform Usage Study, 66 percent of these readers did not respond to any newspaper digital advertisements, again, due to the broad coverage of this channel and lack of targeting.


Magazines can be better targeted to a particular audience. They also tend to have a more engaged audience. Magazines are typically reviewed at leisure, thus readers give more time to the message, potentially. Like newspapers, magazines are tangible and portable and advertisements may be placed in various sizes, black and white or multi-colored in magazines. However, magazine advertisements are expensive, typically, and once delivered, ...

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