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Questionnaire Evaluation

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A new graduate hired by the marketing research department of a major telephone company is asked to prepare a questionnaire to determine household preference for telephone calling cards. The questionnaire will be administered in mall-intercept interviews. By applying the principles of questionnaire design, critically evaluate the questionnaire "Household Telephone Calling Card Survey"

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A discussion regarding developing and applying the principles of questionnaire design for a specific study involving calling cards. 397 words, 1 reference.

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Some of the steps to be followed in the principles of questionnaire design are: (taken from AnalyticTech.com, 1998)

-Target the vocabulary and grammar to the population to be surveyed - This basically means that you would need to ensure the questionnaire uses terminology that the population are you surveying would understand and relate to in order to get accurate responses and participation. For example, if you are going to administer the survey in a mall, you will want to be sure you can speak clearly and simply in such a way that will appeal to various age and socioeconomic levels.

-Avoid ...

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