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Sampling: Reaching Hard to Reach Subgroups

Consider conducting an evaluation in your organization. Think of a population of clients/constituents/members from whom you might wish to collect data. Identify this population and subgroups of this population that might be hard to reach in the data collection process. Examples might include: phone interviews in which hearing challenged people might not be able to participate or simply folks who simply do not want to complete a survey. Which approach to sampling might you use and how might you avoid missing subgroups that you would want to participate in your data collection.

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I am conducting an evaluation in my company. The population is all employees of the company. The first subgroup that is hard to reach is employees located in different factories. These are hard to reach. The second subgroup that is hard to reach is five visually challenged employees in the organization. The third subgroup that is hard to reach are employees who do not want to complete a survey.

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The approach to sampling that I will use ...

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