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    Brand Recognition

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    We have gotten to the point where GGI will need to start developing their brand strategy and it's important for us to know that this will probably be one of the most difficult processes in our marketing plan. Please describe a plan of action for how we will have to develop GGI's identity.

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    A brand is used as a name, sign, symbol or something that actually identifies the goods or services you are trying to offer the public. It is very important that you set your objectives very clearly when trying to achieve a good brand.

    - Make sure your brand delivers the message you are trying to portray clearly.
    - Your brand actually confirms your company's credibility.
    - The brand helps motivate your buyer.
    - Shows consumer loyalty.

    The only way you are going to succeed in creating your brand is by knowing your customers. You can do this by making sure that you are integrating your strategies wherever you have public contact throughout your company. Before I talk about the Pepsi brand I would like to go over some of the biggest challenges that are out there when building a brand.

    1. Never ever let a major event such as an upcoming trade show trigger you to change your brand. You never want to react to something just for opportunity exposure (Delia, 2011).
    2. Sometimes companies create branding initiatives that don't have any accountability. You never want to initiate a new brand without having any formal metrics. What this really means is that you have created a brand where you have no return on your investment.
    3. Companies also run into problems with what's called "Who we are today syndrome." When companies try to brand a new product too many people have too many ideas and you end up going back and forth and never get anywhere.
    4. Sometimes marketing departments tell their companies that branding isn't required in the industry that they are in (Delia, 2011).
    5. The number one problem is a lot of companies will say that they do not have the budget to spend on creating a new brand. What some companies don't ...

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