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    Ziba and brand loyalty

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    Analyze the following case study:

    Ziba Design [Video File 10:38 minutes]. Pearson Education. Retrieved from

    Include responses to the following questions in your analysis.

    - Discuss what occurs before Ziba develops a design or advertising program.
    - Discuss how Ziba contributes to brand recognition for product promotions in the marketplace. Is it effective? Why or why not?
    - Explain how Ziba contributes to the brand loyalty of a product. Be specific.

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    Sales Management, Sales Promotion. Academic Journal Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship. 2004, Vol. 9 Issue 4, p205-220. 15p

    ZIBA DESIGN'S SEARCH FOR THE SOUL OF THE CHINESE CONSUMER. BusinessWeek, 00077135, 9/25/2006, Issue 4002

    Discuss what occurs before Ziba develops a design or advertising program.

    Before ZIBA develops a design or advertising program, the firm uses "design machines" to create the context for innovation of an existing product. These machines represent complex elaborate models of home media viewing based on exhaustive research conducted by Ziba. Utilizing format enables Ziba to remain consistent on innovation and creativity by assessing appearance criteria that could be used across multiple platforms. To accomplish this ZIBA first establishes a Visual Brand Study, which is developed to attempt to articulate the brand strategy, transfer that strategy into the visual and verbal dimension, and establish design principles to guide a design language that would be applicable across an entire system for the company that has hired Zip to enhance their product's appeal .

    ZIBA researches ...

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