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    product loyalty

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    I need assistance with the following:

    Find a consumer who is extremely loyal to a brand-name product. The person can be family, friend, classmate, or other. Probe for information as to why that brand loyalty exists.

    1. Discuss the findings on the person's brand loyalty.
    2. Research the brand using the company's website and the library's online databases. Provide a background on the brand and how it is promoted in the market.
    3. Apply your findings to analyze why this person has a brand loyalty to the product.

    Be sure to credit your sources and include references. Please use the template below...


    Introduction (this is the format for headings)

    Description of person's loyalty to a brand

    Background on the brand

    Marketing application and analysis


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    Introduction (this is the format for headings)
    Brand loyalty refers to the consumer's commitment to repurchase or continue using the brand. The person used to illustrate brand loyalty is an 86 year old woman who has used Johnson's baby powder from her childhood. The customer has been loyal to the brand because of its consistent quality over the years, the image of Johnson & Johnson, and the ability of the powder to evoke images of her childhood. The strong positioning of Johnson's baby powder has contributed to brand loyalty.

    Description of person's loyalty to a brand
    The person is an 86 year old woman(relative).The person's loyalty is to Johnson's baby powder. The person is eighty-six years old and is using it a dusting powder from her childhood. It is the classic baby fresh scent that she loves. It has a deep association with her childhood. She says Johnson & Johnson make the best products. They take special care because the powder is meant ...

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