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    Business Creativity and Innovation

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    In Business Creativity and Innovation you will learn why creativity and innovation are becoming crucial for companies as they face an increasingly complex business environment. Existing management tools and employee skills are becoming ineffective for dealing with the wicked problems (you will learn what these are) companies now must handle.

    Now companies realize they must become more creative and innovative. Creativity is needed to develop new products and services. Innovation is needed to develop new versions of existing products and services and to find new ways of improving productivity to cut costs.

    Surveys with CEOs of large companies and start-up companies indicate that they view creativity and innovation as highly valued and necessary senior leadership skills for not only meeting complexity but finding opportunities to grow the business.

    Other topics in the eBook include how to motivate or encourage creativity and innovation in the workspace, and an overview of the techniques used by companies. Creativity and innovation are compared and contrasted. Also included is a look at the future.

    This eBook describes how forward-looking companies are using the Arts (visual, music, literature, performing) for creative approaches for solving complex problems. Arts students take heart; there is a place for you in Corporate America. Business students take note; there is real value in those arts courses you may have to take as electives. It also shows how several companies are creative and innovative and how their financial results compare to other companies.

    This eBook is for business students who want to learn more about why creativity and innovation are important business subjects. It may also be useful to arts students to learn about some non-traditional uses of their skills.

    An Introduction to Business Creativity and Innovation

    Creativity means coming up with new ideas, concepts and designs - something that is unique. Innovation is improving on something that exists and implementing new ideas, concepts or designs.

    While the definition of these two subjects as applied to business may be simple, their impact on companies is dramatic. In the evolving business landscape, creativity and innovation are top on the list of corporate make or break issues. Some companies such as 3M and P&G have a long history of being creative and innovative along with financial performance greater than their competitors.

    Similar to other company issues, creativity and innovation must start at the top of the organization. The Board of Directors and C-Level managers must support, encourage and define a process for implementing creativity and innovation.

    Companies are facing a business landscape that is becoming more complex.
    We are seeing more discussions of Wicked Problems that are difficult to solve and current management tools are becoming less effective to deal with the complexity and problems of the new landscape. The result is that many companies are scrambling to find new approaches and they are finding that creativity and innovation could help.