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Factor and Influences

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I have selected a frozen dinner, a 70-inch flat screen television. List, describe and explain, in two or three paragraphs: ◦Specific steps in the decision process leading up to and following the purchase;
◦Factors and influences on the purchase decision;
◦How the steps might be the same or different for your two products.

Of the 70-inch flat screen assume the role of marketing manager for that product. List, describe and explain, in two or three paragraphs: ◦The process of segmenting the market for that product;
◦A possible target market for the product, in as much detail as possible and in demographic terms.

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The frozen dinner decision making is likely to be made by picking up the brand that is remembered top of the mind. The second reason you may select a frozen dinner is because you may be habituated to buy a certain brand of frozen food. The third reason why a person may be induced to buy a frozen dinner is because the person may see a sales promotion. A discount or a free promotional product may persuade you to buy the frozen dinner. If you are familiar with the brand you buy it, if it is convenient you buy it.

In case of the 70 inches flat TV your first step is identifying your need. You will carefully assess if you really need the 70 inches flat TV. Remember, the TV is costly. The second step is that you will search for information. You may search for information on the ...

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