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Workforce Outsourcing Strategy

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-Identify and describe the driving and restraining factors within the automobile industry that currently influence the decisions to outsource and offshore.
-Evaluate and rank these factors in order of their importance.
-Using the factors that influence decisions to outsource and offshore, examine the impact HR decisions have upon the business productivity of the automobile industry.
-Compare outsourcing, off-shoring, and domestic talent-acquisition practices relative to productivity.
Use your analysis to create a workforce outsourcing strategy.

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One of the primary driving factors within the automobile industry that currently influences the decisions to outsource and offshore, are the savings in human resource expenditures that automobile manufacturers and producers can gain from outsourcing to areas with lower wage requirements. This is a very important factor, partially due to the fact that human resource expenditures are very large part of the total expenditures that have to be allocated by automobile producers, as well as the fact that in many areas of the world of producers can pay workers less than half of what they have to pay workers within the US. Another driving factor that currently influences the decisions to outsource and offshore, is the fact that offshoring manufacturing facilities can locate these facilities much closer to the natural resources utilized in the production of automobiles. This provides a tremendous savings to the organization due to the ...

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Talent Acquisition and Workforce Outsourcing

- Conduct a library search related to talent acquisition best practices and workforce outsourcing issues in the automobile industry.
- Provide a list of eight references in APA format that you intend to use for your workforce management plan.
- Complete a preliminary analysis of your sources to develop an outline for your workforce management plan.
- Your outline should include bulleted items for each paper section and:
A preliminary list of best practices for talent acquisition in the automobile industry.
A preliminary list of driving and restraining factors that impact the decision to outsource in the automobile industry.

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