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Business Optimization in Retail Stores and Showrooms

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a. Identify one of your favorite retail stores.

b. What about the store attracts you to it?

c. Can you think of anything the store has done to draw your patronage and stop you from buying on line?

d. Is there anything further they could do to retain your loyalty?

2. Showrooming
It has been a big problem for Best Buy. Wal-Mart recently stopped carrying the Kindle because they realized people were showrooming the product (checking it out at Wal-Mart, but buying on line from Amazon).

a. Do you 'showroom'? If so, for what products?

b. Are there any strategies retailers could implement that would encourage you to buy at the store rather than use it for showrooming?

3. Federal Contract Compliance & EEO

a. Defend or challenge the following statement:
All employers (regardless of their federal contractor/subcontractor status) should be required to implement and keep affirmative action plans.

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a. One of my favorite retail stores is Lowes Home Improvement store

b. What attracts me to the store is the willingness of store personnel to help me find the products I'm looking for, should I have trouble finding what I want. The store carries products that are environmentally friendly at lower prices than specialty stores. For example, the store offers a quality brand of low odor (low VOC) paint at a reasonable price. A major competitor continues to promote its brand, which smells bad and makes painting difficult.

c. What the store has done to get me to visit is to display all products and product lines so that I can see all the possible choices in one area. For instance, home and ceiling lighting is conveniently located in a specific area and organized so I can easily choose the models I think would look best in a room. I also browse through the home decorating areas to get ideas for my own home. I can coordinate a new kitchen back splash with a counter top. Organization of departments ...

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