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    International Advertisement Analysis

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    Need some help here to analyze these ads. Can you please help me with these International ads? Thanks and I appreciate your help.

    Visit the following website www.adsoftheworld.com. Choose 5 different ads, from different mediums and countries. Take screenshot of the ads that you chose (if not available such as for radio, supply the link of the ad you listened to). Analyze how the ads take international requirements into consideration. Include suggestions how you might change the ad, if any. Support your opinions with 3-4 scholarly references, cited in text and in the reference section. Include a title page, introduction, headings and a conclusion.

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    This was tough! I hope this is what you are looking for- please let me know. Attached is formatted information with guidance that includes pictures of ads.

    International advertising is often deployed by multinational companies, and is used to "target audiences in more than one country" (Douglas & Craig, n.d.). It is important to note, however, that target audiences are different in each country, based upon their culture, language, values, and degree of nationalism. Thus, an advertisement that may be hugely successful in one country may fall flat in another country, essentially "lost in translation." In some cases, literacy may be lacking in a country, in which case print media is less effective. Advertisers must decide if they want to target local or global symbols, the amount of information that must be communicated, and the universality of the message and its ability to connect with consumers. In each case, the goal is to communicate the message effectively, in order to move consumers to take action in some manner.
    Local or Global?
    Advertisers must decide if they which to tailor a message to the local population or utilize a global, more universal symbol or message. In the Braun Cruzer: Super Beards Batman advertisement, the company utilizes a mustache trimmed into the well-known batman logo, with the tagline, "Precision prevails." This print advertisement ran in Europe and Germany, and effectively communicates with the viewer the ability of the Braun razor to shave with precision. The message is humorous and eye catching, working well in countries that are advanced in their needs and values to delight in such an outlandish moustache. The advertisement was part of a campaign that included Superman and ...

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    This detailed solution analyzes five different ads, in different mediums from different countries. It describes how the ads take international requirements into considerations, how to change ad, and includes scholarly references as well as links to ads.