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    Gillette Manages Controversy with Spokesperson Tiger Woods

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    The case study question:
    Some of Gillette's spokespeople, such as Tiger Woods, have run into controversy after becoming endorsers for the brand. Does this hurt Gillette's brand equity or marketing message? Explain.

    The solution provides a background of Gillette's "Champions" marketing campaign; which was launched prior to the very publicized "indiscretions" of Tiger Woods. In today's social media world, the negative backlash of the behavior and admissions of Tiger Woods was contradictory to the "Champions" message. The conclusion provided in this solution is that the actions of paid endorsers can significantly impact, even damage, the brand. The opinion provided is that Gillette was wise to "dump" Tiger Woods from its marketing campaign. There is also a reference included on the actions of Gillette after the controversy.

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    The Gillette brand had utilized Tiger Woods in their "Champions" marketing campaign; in which he was a launching member of this strategy back in 2007 (reference below). The basis of this campaign was featuring athletes at the "top" of their game - and those known worldwide for their amazing achievements. Tiger Woods, some may debate, is now more known for infidelity and the demise of his marriage. In 2009, ...

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    This solution explains the impact paid spokespeople's private lives have on professional endorsement. The example used is Gillette and the "downfall" of Tiger Woods. In over 250 words, this solution reflects how the negative publicity impacted the image of Tiger Woods; and how Gillette reacted.